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Your Podiatrist in the Centre Médical Neve Tsedek offers full services for the assessment, treatment and follow-up of your foot. Podiatry, Medical Pedicure, Orthopedic Soles...
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Sports podiatry aims to understand the athlete and especially to analyze and optimize his gesture.


Posturology studies the mechanisms of balance management and its dysfunctions.


The follow-up and treatment of the foot of the newborn and the child to ensure growth on good supports.


Medical pedicure - orthoplasty - orthonyxia - ionophoresis - shock waves - classic soles - thermoformed soles

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Your Podiatrist


Marc Sarfati is a podiatrist graduated from a French establishment approved by the Ministry of Health. During his years of study, he completed many internships in hospitals and in sports centers.

He also carried out additional formations in Sport, Children Podiatry and Diabetology.

Before doing his Alyah in 2019, he worked in Paris for 2 years at the Drouot Clinic in Paris 9th specializing in Sport and Osteoarthritis. He worked as well at the Réaumur Medical Center in Paris 2nd.

Currently he consults at the Centre Médical Neve Tsedek, Multidisciplinary Medical Center in the heart of Tel Aviv.


Marc Sarfati treats much more than foot pain. Its field of action is exerted on the entire lower limb and the spine as well.

Muscular, articular, neurological pathologies, problems with postures, hollow feet, flat feet or even what concerns medical pedicure (ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, blisters, hematomas under the nail ...).

A broad field of action which makes his profession a truly interesting solution for acute or chronic pain.


Marc Sarfati is able to offer high quality follow-up in podiatry. He treats the body as a whole so that it regains its mobility, health and its balance.


From infants to seniors, including athletes, his management is adapted according to the patient's expectations and his symptoms.

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